VKIST participated in a Midterm capacity building program at Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)

Thursday, 02/06/2022 | 17:45

With the goal of constantly improving the professional capacity of employees, VKIST has collaborated with KIST to organize a capacity building program from May 1 to 31, 2022 for 5 researchers and administrative staff at KIST to leverage capability in administration as well as R&D project planning and management.

The midterm capacity building program with such contents as human resource management, R&D planning and management offered VKIST staff a good chance to learn from KIST’s experts. The knowledge and experience shared by those experts from KIST are genuinely vital at this early stage of VKIST’s establishment and development.



The training content includes:

General training: Learn about Korea's economic development experience and the development history of KIST as well as the role of KIST in the Korean economy; Learn about the operating mechanism at KIST.

Exclusive training tailored for administrative staff: Learn about specific majors at KIST such as financial and accounting mechanisms, document storage management, information and communication, research project planning, procurement, asset management, human resources, construction management and operation; Learn how to use research equipment; Training on the main tasks of the Human Resources Department.

Exclusive training for researchers: In addition to offline lectures, VKIST researchers were given practical training at the on-site laboratory at Gangneung Institute; Training on equipment usage in research laboratories and methods of collecting research results; Developing research results.

The lecturers of the program are top-notch administrative experts and researchers at KIST, hence their sharing contained lots of valuable lessons accumulated from their working experience at KIST.

In addition to work-related lectures, the capacity building program also included local culture experience and field trips, which made the program more practical and attracting.

At the Closing and Certificate-Awarding Ceremony, all participants expressed their appreciation for the thoughtful and professional preparation of KIST in this program and look forward to having more training opportunities in the future. Through the capacity building program, VKIST's experts can improve their expertise by learning from KIST's experiences, whereby optimize their work efficiency and effectiveness while working at VKIST.

Some highlight pictures during the program:


Researcher working in the Optical Laboratory at KIST



Researcher working in the advanced molecular biology recognition laboratory at KIST


Participants at the Certificate-Awarding ceremony at KIST


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