2022 KIST – VKIST – K Club Innovative Cooperation Forum

Sunday, 04/12/2022 | 10:00

Recently, at VKIST headquarters, VKIST collaborated with Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) and K-Club to co-organize "KIST–VKIST–K-Club Innovative Cooperation Forum", which is among the series of events on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Korea.

Attending the Forum, on the Vietnamese side, there were Mr. Bui The Duy, MOST Deputy Minister concurrently President of VKIST, and all leaders and employees of VKIST. On the Korean side, there were Mr. Yoon Seok Jin, President of KIST and other KIST delegates; Ms. Kim Jung Sook, President of K-Club, as well as representatives of Vietnamese - Korean businesses.


Overview of the Forum

In his opening speech, Mr. Bui The Duy, MOST Deputy Minister concurrently President of VKIST warmly welcomed and highly appreciated the visit of Mr. Yoon Seok Jin, President of KIST and Ms. Kim Jung Sook, President of K-Club to VKIST. He highly appreciated the good friendship and effective cooperation relationship between the two countries over the years, especially, the science and technology cooperation between Vietnam and Korea has increasingly developed and achieved outstanding results. Moreover, he emphasized that the similarity of strategic interests between both sides would be a driving force towards the uplift of bilateral relationship between Vietnam and Korea to a "comprehensive strategic partnership". Mr. Duy believed that this Forum would be a good opportunity for both Vietnamese and Korean businesses to connect and discuss futher practical cooperation in the future. The VKIST President also highly appreciated the efforts to establish exchanges between the two countries, which is a symbol of the outstanding partnership development as well as showing the deep trust in the bilateral relationship. He hoped that the event would lay the foundation for other similar activities among VKIST–KIST–K Club in the future to create more S&T playgrounds for organizations and businesses of the two sides to establish practical relationships aiming towards jointly solving their technological problems.


Mr. Bui The Duy, MOST Deputy Minister concurrently VKIST President delivered his opening speech at the Forum

Mr. Yoon Seok Jin, President of KIST expressed his pleasure to attend the Forum. He also wished that the three sides would work closely together to leverage this strategic partnership and promote cooperative activities. On that basis, the parties would continue to expand cooperation in the fields of science and technology, promote exchanges and strengthen cooperation between Vietnamese and Korean businesses, etc. through forums held between the two countries.


Mr. Yoon Seok Jin, President of KIST spoke at the Forum

“As the President of KIST, I promise to give my best support for the industry of both Korea and Vietnam to develop together. I hope that today's forum will be an opportunity for KIST and VKIST to come up with a plan to support exchanges and cooperation between Vietnamese and Korean businesses, and at the same time, provide a strategy of bilateral support for developing the close relationship between businesses of the two countries," shared Mr. Yoon Seok Jin.

Diễn đàn “Xúc tiến hợp tác trong cộng đồng doanh nghiệp Việt Nam – Hàn Quốc và phát huy vai trò cầu nối của KIST-VKIST”

2022 KIST – VKIST – K Club Innovative Cooperation Forum

The KIST – VKIST – K Club Innovative Cooperation Forum created a golden chance for KIST, VKIST and K Club discuss the way to promote exchanges between Korean and Vietnamese enterprises in the form of technology transfer, joint research activities and business partnering by taking advantage of the partnership between KIST and VKIST. Thereby, the parties proposed the direction of strategic cooperation between the two countries and shared about the orientations in the coming time.


On the side of VKIST, Mr. Bui The Duy affirmed the VKIST's orientation in the coming time is to support Vietnamese businesses to absorb new technology from Korea as well as promote technology transfer from Korea to Vietnam. The cooperation among VKIST–KIST–K Club will become a launching pad, supporting the potential of Vietnamese enterprises, gradually enhancing the position of Vietnamese enterprises in the international arena; at the same time, actively support Korean businesses to penetrate deeper into the Vietnamese market.

On the KIST side, Mr. Yoon Seok Jin shared: “After VKIST was established, in order to maintain and develop the relationship between the two sides, KIST has been preparing to establish the Vietnam-Korea Innovation Center. The Vietnam - Korea Innovation Center will play a central role in connecting and exploiting Vietnamese human resources in the exchange of information and human resources between KIST and VKIST, as well as facilitating the cooperation between Korean and Vietnamese enterprises”

On the side of K-Club, Ms. Kim Jung Sook wished to establish a platform in Vietnam through the cooperation with VKIST. K-Club also proposed to establish a V-Club to support technology innovation for Vietnamese companies such as KIST and K-Club. K-Club will accompany KIST's Innovation Business Cooperation Center in actively supporting K-Club."

MoU Signing Ceremony among KIST – VKIST – K Club

At the end of the Forum, distinguished guests witnessed the Signing Ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation to promote research and development among VKIST–KIST–K Club. This cooperation agreement will become the basis for building an innovation platform between Korea and Vietnam, thereby implementing activities to support cooperation among businesses of the two countries, contributing to promoting technology transfer and S&T exchanges between Vietnam and Korea.


MoU Signing ceremony among KIST – VKIST – K Club

Hopefully this event will lay a solid foundation for long-term cooperation with new achievements among the three parties.


VKIST Leaders took a souvenir picture with Korean delegates

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