President of KIST (Headquater of Korea) talked about the project supporting the establishment of VKIST

Monday, 29/03/2021 | 10:00

With the aim of establishing a S&T institute with international standards, contributing to the industrialization of Vietnam, the Vietnamese Government asked the Korean Government to support the implementation of the project for the establishment of Vietnam-Korea Institute of Science and Technology (VKIST project).

This is the biggest non-refundable aid project of KOICA implemented in Vietnam so far.

VKIST was established under the Decree No. 50/ND-CP of the Vietnamese Government dated May 18, 2015 benchmarking the model of the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST). VKIST is expected to become a leading technology provider for the Vietnamese industry.

VKIST is increasingly improving its research capacity to occupy a leading position, directly contributing to the development of key industries with the goal of shortening the technology gap with developed countries.

“As a person directly involving in the project, I see that the VKIST project has a special meaning. VKIST will be the driving force for the development of Vietnam and it shall become the golden partner of Korea in the sphere of S&T” said KIST President.

So, what is the role and objectives of KIST when participating in the VKIST Project? Let’s hear Mr. Yoon Seok Jin – KIST President sharing.



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