VKIST participated in the 3rd online capacity building course organized by the Korea Institute of Science and Technology

At the training course, VKIST staff had the opportunities to study various professional fields such as research room safety management; innovation in Vietnam; leadership capacity in the country development process; working with Excel software; the presentation skill to convince listeners; management of intellectual property rights and patents; and plan to work smart, etc.


Overview of the training course

All lectures at the training course draw on KIST experts’ valuable administration experiences accumulated during their working.

Participants of the training course

In addition to online lectures of Korean experts, trainees listened to other offline S&T lectures. For example, Ms. Seo Mi Yeong, KOICA Deputy Country Director, introduced KOICA’s ODA projects; Dr. Pham Hong Quat, Director of Department of Market Development and Science and Technology Enterprise under MOST, and Dr. Thach Le Anh, Founder of Vietnam Silicon Valley (VSV), shared innovative steps; Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoang Hanh, Center for Research, Training, Support and Consultancy of  Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam (Ministry of Science and Technology) presented policies and support mechanisms related to protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

The trainees were especially interested in the lecture of Ms. Thach Le Anh, VSV Founder. She introduced the first steps of VSV project as well as shared difficulties and solutions. Besides, Ms. Le Anh shared a lot of knowledge about innovative startups, experiences in operating and scaling up business promotion models to incubators and startup incubators; knowledge, skills and networks to help participants have a solid foundation when supporting, investing in startups to increase the rate of return from investments, creating a competitive advantage for businesses.

Ms. Thach Le Anh presented a lecture on innovation startups

In the framework of the training course, the trainees had the opportunity to review the lectures and summarize, evaluate the acquired knowledge by performing short presentations about their personal skills and propose work directions of their own in particular and VKIST in general.

Presentation of participants

To create more excitement for the trainees, KIST organized a Korean culinary experience program and a field trip to 2 Korean enterprises in Bac Ninh provinces (LS Mtron Industrial Machinery and Electronics Components Manufacturing Plant and VinaTech’s Manufacturing Plant.

On-site visits of trainees to Korean Enterprises

At the end of the training course, participants received KIST’s certificates. On behalf of all trainees, Ms. Nguyen Thi Ha Giang shared her feelings: “I personally appreciate useful knowledge gained from lectures of KIST and other organizations. Through the lectures I have access to more extensive sources of knowledge in the field of science and technology. I was especially impressed with the lively, engaging, highly applicable references and the case studies that match the requirements of the job. I personally and the VKIST staff in general want to continue to participate in the next capacity building courses organized by KIST”.

Thanks to the training courses, VKIST's staff have enriched their professional knowledge, learned from KIST's experience, contributing to optimize work efficiency and solve VKIST’s actual problems.

Some pictures of the training course:


President Kum Dongwha with a lecture on technical writing methods (how to prepare technical information in a professional environment)

Dr. Hoang Hien Hau - Head of Administration Department awarded Certificates to trainees

Trainees took a commemorative photo with KIST experts

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